The Patrol Division of the Mount Ephraim Police Department consists of twelve uniformed officers; two Sergeants, eight full time Patrol Officers, and two part time Class II Special Officers. The Sergeant’s primary responsibility is to supervise the patrol officers under their command as well as participate in patrol activities. The primary responsibility of the Patrol Division is to patrol the streets of Mount Ephraim to create and maintain a feeling of security in the community. At the most basic level, this is accomplished by identifying and apprehending criminal offenders, responding to a wide variety of citizen calls for assistance, and enforcing traffic laws. In addition to basic law enforcement duties, Mount Ephraim police officers engage in a wide range of activities aimed at making Mount Ephraim a safe and enjoyable place to live. Our Class II SLEO program allows us to put more of our resources where they are needed most, without drastically increasing the operating costs of the Department or neglecting any other responsibilities we have to the residents of the Borough. We currently have two officers assigned to the multi-jurisdictional Zone 5 Critical Incident Team (SWAT), two officers that take part in the DARE program, one officer that is assigned as a School Resource Officer as well as many other programs and shared services that our officers are involved in above and beyond their normal duties, in order to help maintain services without exceptional increases in cost.




The Detective is responsible for investigating a broad range of crimes, mostly indictable offenses. A majority of these crimes are those that require specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. Detective Sullivan is well trained and equipped; he is constantly involved in networking and information sharing with local, county and state law enforcement agencies to ensure efficient and effective operation. Other duties that fall under the auspices of the Detective Bureau are; maintaining crime statistics, maintaining all evidence, conducting license inspections, and other duties as assigned by Administration.




The Administration Division of the Mount Ephraim Police Department consists of three employees; the Chief of Police, the Captain of Police and the Administrative Secretary. It is the function of the Administrative Division to plan, direct, coordinate, control and staff all activities of the Department.  It is also responsible for the Department’s continued and efficient operation, for the enforcement of rules and regulations, and for completion and forwarding of such reports as may be required.  The Administrative Division is also responsible for its relations with local citizens, local government and other related agencies.




The Mount Ephraim Police Department is dedicated to discovering ways to provide our community with the best possible service at the highest possible value.  That mindset has been the catalyst for our involvement and participation in many shared service agreements and opportunities over the years.  These agreements can include equipment, intelligence, personnel and even property; allowing us to pool resources and personnel with other agencies in order to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service without the normally associated and burdening cost increases on the tax payers.  These shared services have allowed us to maintain the exceptional level of service that our residents have come to know and expect from our agency, while still keeping the community in control of it’s policing.  Just a few of those shared services are outlined below.


Mount Ephraim / Oaklyn / Brooklawn / Barrington Joint Municipal Court:


The joint Municipal Court of Mt. Ephraim / Oaklyn has been a model of success since it’s inception in 2005.  So much so, that in 2014 the Borough of Barrington also merged their Court system into the Mt. Ephraim / Oaklyn join Municipal Court and in 2018 the Borough of Brooklawn also merged their court; allowing us to now share the costs of running the judicial system with four different jurisdictions.  This unprecedented shared service has been a massive success in reducing the costs of the system on the tax payers of the involved municipalities and has allowed the system to operate more efficiently and effectively without duplicating resources and personnel.


The Municipal Court house is located at:

20 West Clinton Ave.

Oaklyn, 08107



Zone 5 Critical Incident Team (SWAT)


The Mount Ephraim Police Department currently has two officer assigned to the Zone 5 Critical Incident Team (Multi Jurisdictional SWAT team).  Capt. Siefert serves as the Tactical Commander and Sgt. Errigo serves as Team Leader.  Capt. Siefert and Sgt. Errigo combined, bring nearly 30 years of tactical team experience to the Borough.  They are both trained and certified Designated Marksman / Observers and firearms instructors.  The Zone 5 C.I.T. team consists of highly trained and equipped tactical officers assigned from the Police Departments of Mount Ephraim, Brooklawn, Haddon Heights, Audubon, Barrington, Runnemede, Bellmawr, Oaklyn and Magnolia.  These officers are trained and equipped to respond to highly sensitive critical incidents within the cooperating jurisdictions.  Further, their training and experience has proven invaluable in their own agencies through valuable in-service training and coordinated multi-jurisdictional training with no additional cost to the communities involved .  Aside from their obvious primary responsibility of responding to high risk critical incidents; the knowledge, training and experience that these officers are able to bring back to their agencies allows for administrators to better train all of their staff rather than just a select few, without the exponential costs associated with outside training organizations and aids.  The Zone 5 C.I.T. hosts annual training opportunities to assist cooperating departments in such specialized fields as Active Shooter Response training, Tactical Firearms proficiency, Use of Force Protocol, Hostage Rescue, Tactical movements and Search and Rescue assignments.


NJ / Camden County C.A.R.T.


The Mount Ephraim Police Department currently has one officer, Sgt. Errigo, assigned to the Camden County C.A.R.T. (Child Abduction Response Team).  The C.A.R.T. team is a specialized cooperative of officers from jurisdictions throughout the County led by the Camden County Prosecutors Office and the New Jersey State Police.  The C.A.R.T. team is activated to lead or assist with investigations and search and rescue operations upon the report of a missing or endangered child within the County and State.


Camden County Detectives Association / Police Intelligence Group


The Mount Ephraim Police Department is a member of the Camden County Detectives Association and the Police Intelligence Group.  The CCDA is a shared service developed by the Camden County Prosecutors Office and Detectives from Police Departments throughout the County and neighboring agencies in the tri-county area, to share information and coordinate investigations in criminal activity reaching across municipal jurisdictions.  The shared information and team work provided by this cooperative arrangement allows Detectives and Investigators from all agencies to pool resources and intelligence to better serve the municipalities in which they operate without incurring increased costs or duplicated efforts.